Planning a Funeral These forms are provided to assist our customers in making funeral arrangements. Please call or come in to our office for assistance in filling out these forms. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print these forms.

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Beddingfield Funeral Service:

  1. Funeral Arrangement Form
  2. Hospital Release of Remains Form
  3. Disclosure of Preneed Funeral Agreement
  4. Authorization to Accept or Decline Embalming
  5. Irvington Memorial Crematory:
    1. Declaration for Disposition of Cremated Remains
    2. Authority to Cremate
  6. Disclaimer to Consumers
  7. Insurance Assignment
  8. Right to Control Disposition
  9. Authorization to Scatter Cremated Remains
  10. Video Release

Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner:

  1. Request for Release of Remains
  2. Request for Release of Decedent's Personal Property

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