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Prices effective September 1, 2022
Cremation Service Fee:
This includes the arrangement conference, processing death certificate and permit, removal of the deceased in Santa Clara County*, five days of refrigeration, delivery to the crematory, the crematory fee, and delivery of the ashes to our office. On average, this service is performed within five working days. If you need the cremated remains sooner, see "RUSH" fee below, otherwise no time is promised as to when cremation will be performed.
Alternative Container $95.00
CA Sales Tax 9.375% $8.91
Permit for Disposition $12.00
Discount if payment is made by cash or check -$50.00

* For home removals (requiring a second attendant), there is an additional charge of $250.00.

For rush cremation services (those requiring cremation to be done within 48 hours) there is an additional charge of $395.00.

Certified death certificates from the County of Santa Clara are $24.00 each.

The basic cremation package does not include any additional services. For those requiring memorial, funeral, or visitation services, or witness cremation, please see our General Price List.

For a complete list of cremation services, please see our General Price List.

Basic Cremation Service
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